Meet the Home Inspector


Dave Gross has been in the home inspection business for over 25 years. Growing up under the influence of his uncle, father, and grandfathers who were all involved in the trade, Dave has generations of knowledge.

At the age of 18, Dave became a maintenance worker for a management company in Indiana. This allowed Dave to learn about building maintenance as he shadowed trade professionals Deigmar Gross & Associates. Dave's uncle ran a home inspection business and Dave became his on-call assistant. While continuing to work on his trade, Dave attended Indiana University Bloomington, studying Secondary Education and Geology.


After graduating college, David began his career, moving from Seattle, Washington to Oklahoma to Maryland. During the early stages of his career, David was employed as a handyman and facility maintenance worker. Dave has proved his adaptability during this time, as he was involved in many different roles that expanded upon his knowledge of the industry.

David now lives in Wisconsin, where he started his own home inspection company - Gross Inspection Services. He involves himself in the Brookfield, WI area not only by providing reliable home inspections. When Dave is not on the job, he is volunteering in the local community. He is the club master for the local Boy Scouts pack, annually sponsors local schools for Spring Thing, and advertises at local football and basketball teams. Dave also enjoys time with his family, including his two boys Harold and Henry.

Dave's many experiences and influences contribute to his professionalism in the home inspection industry. Choose David Gross as your trustworthy home inspector.